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Corporate Video's news monitoring services are a competitive advantage and thus are confidential. So our client testimonials are anonymous. However, if you would like to have references, many of our clients are happy to talk with you privately.

Call me, Jan Ryan, at 540-446-5767 for direct contact to our clients.

NewsPowerOnline is unquestionably the most concise and simultaneously most effective way a Public Relations or marketing firm can hope to track their media coverage.

For over 15 years, Hands On PR has represented hundreds of A-list clients. From actors and actresses to music superstars to film and television companies, never have we enjoyed such a tremendous response from these high maintenance folks for our media tracking efforts. My initial response was, "Wowowowow - you guys rock!!! I love it."

Thank you

Craig Melone
President and Founder
Hands On Public Relations & Marketing
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you, Jan! We love your "get 'er done" attitude.

We won most of our elections! Your help tracking ads was definitely a contributing factor. We actually ended up gaining a majority of seats in the state house. So thank you for your help!"

-Media Coordinator, Nationally Recognized Political Consulting Firm

"You’re wonderful. Thanks for the reassuring news."

-Account Executive, Major Market Advertising and Public Relations Firm

'I'm not sure if anyone told you today - but y'all rock."

-Media Relations, National Veterans Advocacy Group

"You're amazing. Thank you!"

-Corporate Communications, National Family Dining Restaurant Chain

"I was hesitant to look into other news monitoring services because the company we used for years did an adequate job and switching providers of any service can be an administrative hassle. However, that was not the case with Corporate Video's Making the switch was very easy. The ongoing responsiveness and customer service is incredible. I can always reach my representative on the phone anytime, day or night. We’ve been a Corporate Video customer for a couple of years now and the high level of customer service remains consistent and reliable."

- Director of Public Relations, International Hi-Tech Health Care Firm

"Sorry I did not get back with you about courier info yesterday. We had a hot item boil over and it took over my attention…but YOU came through, as you always do! I have the hot little dvd in my hands right now."

-Director of Public Relations, National Resort and Convention Centers

"I’ve worked with Corporate Video on several political campaigns and their rapid ability to monitor, capture and transmit TV news clips is indispensable. What really sets apart is the company’s thorough monitoring and ability to report, with surgical precision, specific news matters, broadcast values and audience size. Corporate Video is more than reliable. In fact, the staff at Corporate Video has come through on every request I’ve ever had, big or small, and always faster and at less cost than expected."

- Press Secretary, Gubernatorial Campaign

"I have used for nearly six years. Every morning, or as-it-airs, I receive one email with the day's media coverage for the search words I requested. It is inexpensive and easy to use. If I miss a day, or misplace a clip I need, they are always happy to locate it and send it to me."

- Communications Director, National Amusement Park

"We love your services. You are the best around! has provided us with outstanding media monitoring services. Your comprehensive range of services, coupled with your exceptional customer service and real-time media updates have proved very beneficial to our company. We are now able to monitor our media impressions more accurately because you have so many Neilsen markets - more than your competitors. We are thrilled with your timely delivery of monitoring data and the one-to-one customer care. You are always reliable and make us feel like we are always your #1 priority."

- Media Relations, International Pizza Restaurants

"Corporate Video's is an essential resource if you want to know what’s being reported about you as soon as it’s being reported. The service is great and the information provided is invaluable."

-Press Secretary, U.S. Congressman

"For me, working on political campaigns has become a lot easier thanks in large part to the friendly and helpful service of Not only do they cover every media market, large and small, that are relevant to our races, but also allow us to instantly receive updates each time one of our search terms is mentioned. We always know when our candidates, as well as their opponents, are on television. The service has been invaluable in keeping us posted on breaking news and upcoming events that are important to our candidates' campaigns. News Power Online is also a great value. For reasonable prices, we can always count on contacting their frien'dly staff to provide us with either e-mailed files or DVDs of interviews, speeches and television spots. I sincerely feel that this service puts our campaign at a competitive advantage and cannot be matched."

- Communications Research Director, State Political Party

"We are thrilled. We thought we knew how often we were on television news, but thanks to your service, we know we have a lot more coverage than we imagined. provides us immediate notification about stories on every television station in our state, many of which we would never have heard about otherwise. The exceptional customer service ensures that our searches are thorough and relevant. NewsPowerOnline has made our job so much easier -- for a very reasonable price."

- Communications Director, U.S. Senator

"What I appreciate most about is that they have the customer’s needs in mind as they search for stories that build our organization’s brand awareness. I always receive timely confirmation regarding the clips I order, and the ability to capture extensive media coverage in a simple step is invaluable."

- Communications Director, National Non-Profit Organization

"I am happy to recommend They have always been very helpful in responding to our questions and requests. And, I found the company to be a good value compared with other monitoring services."

- U.S. Media Relations Director, International Catholic Organization

"It is incredibly helpful to see how our ad buy is going throughout the state, and to know all the broadcast news about our candidate. Your service, as always, is impeccable."

- Press Secretary, Gubernatorial Candidate

"Your online folder of our hits is really easy to use to share data by emailing hits to others. We have a tracking service now that didn’t do half this good a job, and is a lot easier to use."

- Director of Media Relations, Ivy League University

"Being able to rely on has lifted a world of angst off the shoulders of our marketing and PR department. No longer do we have to beg tapes of stories, or rely on staffers to take their time at home to make tapes for us... hoping they don't forget. We call Corporate Video. It's done. It really is that simple."

- Public Relations, Fine Arts Museum

"We find the TV news clippings from invaluable in our tracking of news media coverage concerning our company."

- External Affairs Manager, Regional Telecom Firm

"Corporate Video has serviced our need for TV news clips for several years now. They provide good service and work fast and efficiently."

- Public Relations, Regional Grocery Chain - Public Relations, International Music Museum

"Quick, courteous service generally accompanied by a little something extra. We rely on NewsPowerOnline because they understand our needs."

“We’ve relied on Corporate Video's for more than a dozen years to keep us supplied with news about our company and about our competition. The news clippings have been well-researched, timely and from all the major news outlets as well as the small ones. Thank you for providing this valuable service.”