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About Us

Jan Ryan 
Founder, President & CEO
Jan Ryan gained her expertise in media monitoring, TV and Radio broadcast news monitoring, internet and social media monitoring hands-on. She is an emmy award-winning veteran television and radio news reporter, evening news anchor, producer and host, holding on-air positions in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville and Columbus, OH. 
Among her numerous journalism awards are an Emmy for TV Documentary, United Press International Judges' Award for Radio, Associated Press Reporting/Documentary for Radio, Emmy Nomination for TV Breaking News Coverage in Atlanta, and Associated Press Public Service for Radio. As a leader in community service, Jan serves on the board of directors of numerous business, arts and health organizations.
Jan is a Founding Affiliate of News Data Services (NDS), a nationwide network of media monitoring and clipping services that efficiently organizes local and national news monitoring notes, TV news clips, radio news clips, internet monitoring for print, newspapers, periodicals, trade journals, blogs and social media from more US Nielsen markets than any other monitoring service in the world.  She served on the News Data Services Board of Directors for 6 years. 
Innovations was envisioned and founded in 1987 when Jan served as press secretary for the first political campaign waged by Phil Bredesen, Governor of Tennessee. The company was launched as a home-based TV news monitoring venture, occupying a single table in Jan's home.  At that time video tape VHS technology was brand new and years away from being a household staple.  There were no PC's.  News was monitored by hand-written notes.
Today, organizations ranging from Fortune 500's to local non-profits, candidates for city council to US President, rely on media monitoring from to:
  • Provide broadcast media monitoring for all local, network and cable TV stations in the US and a growing list of international markets.
  • Provide internet monitoring, social media monitoring and clips for print, newspapers, trade journals and blogs from 5 million sources worldwide.
  • Serve major national clients with 24/7/365 media monitoring in all 210 Nielsen US markets coast-to-coast plus international media monitoring.
  • Maintain the most extensive news and entertainment text and video archive in the monitoring industry.   News and entertainment programming, TV, radio, internet, print, blogs and social media.
  • Find clips of television, radio, internet, print and blog news stories, available on CD, DVD and via FTP internet transfer to your desktop.
  • Stream video of TV news as soon as it airs.
  • Produce sophisticated analytics, graphs and charts for measuring Nielsen audience, ad value and media value. 

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