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Know more about the impact of your news clips:
  • Archive , automatically, your TV and radio news clips, text and video, indefinitely
  • Email your media monitoring, TV, radio, internet, print, blog clips to others
  • Manage your news data by sorting clips into folders by any criteria such as subject or date
  • Share and report by instantly creating email reports, charts and graphs:  weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, by market or audience, by any criteria of your choice 
  • One-click sends your media monitoring reports, video and radio clips, internet, print, blog clippings to others
  • Visualize, graph and quantify your coverage with pie charts, graphs and other formats
  • Search your news monitoring archive to easily find hits for specific issues
Within minutes of airtime:
  • View Fast Clips video of your TV news clips
  • Hear audio of your radio news clips 

Media Intelligence:  knowing, quantifying, sharing, is all easy.

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