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Media Monitoring, Radio & TV Clips

Instantly View Your TV & Online News

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Your fast, thorough, reliable source for media monitoring, TV, radio and internet clipping of the 
media that shapes public opinion.

Media Monitoring and Clipping, all 210 Nielsen TV markets; the most local news, network and cable programming in the monitoring industry.

State-of-the-art metrics reveal your Nielsen and Arbitron audience numbers, ad values and publicity values for your PR efforts.

Always know what your audience is hearing about you:  media monitoring of TV, radioprintinternetblogs and social media. gives you instant, automatic email notification of your TV news clips, radio clips, internet, print, 
blogs and social media monitoring via our keyword searchable database. Receive TV news clips, radio clips, print, internet, blog and social media monitoring alerts direct to your desktop via email or on DVD, CD or video tape. 

How is this information used?  

When you know all that your customers and competitors are hearing about you, you have the power of knowing:
  • Measure and quantify the exposure of your public relations and corporate communications campaigns
  • Evaluate your public image
  • Know the information that shapes your corporate or political reputation
  • Monitor your competition and competitive advantage
  • Respond with faster, pinpointed crisis management
  • Research, sort and archive critical information
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing what is said about you on broadcast and internet news and having maximum power to respond to it
  • Relax, no long term contract required.  We earn your business day by day.
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