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Customized broadcast news monitoring:
  • TV News Clips
  • Radio Clips
  • Print Clips
  • Internet and Blog monitoring
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For customized broadcast news monitoring of TV, Radio, Internet and Print, call:   615-256-4714 or email

News Power Online Services

Your competitive advantage:

  • Broadcast monitoring and clipping, all 210 U.S. markets 
  • Custom media intelligence analysis, the Power of Knowing
  • Media Measurement:  Nielsen numbers, ad value, publicity value, charts, graphs 
  • TV news monitoring and clips 
  • Radio news monitoring and clips
  • Print monitoring and clipping
  • Internet, blog, social monitoring  
Know what is said about everything important to you.  TV, radio, print, Internet, blogs and social.   U.S and internationally.  
Thorough, timely broadcast and online media monitoring is your competitive advantage.

Fast Clips: TV and Radio Digital News Clips

No waiting.  See video of your coverage on your desktop near real time.  Fast Clips Alerts bring you digital, streaming video of your TV news coverage, within minutes of airtime.
Clip and data formats:  CD, DVD, digital transfer to your desktop.  

Monitoring Subscription Service

Receive your broadcast news monitoring reports 24/7 via email.  Your hits are found based on the keyword search terms you select.  
Better yet, access your history of coverage at all times in your 'Fast Clips Analysis' online portal.  Your TV news clips, radio news clips, internet, print and blog hits are archived indefinitely in your online Fast Clips portal, where you can easily create custom reports and select stories to email to others. 
NewsPowerOnline (NPO) Subscription Service is an enormously efficient and effective tool for quantifying the value of your publicity:
  • Instant access to nationwide information about your TV news coverage, radio clips, internet, print, and blogs, 24/7/365
  • Database covering US network, cable, and local TV news coast-to-coast, internet, print, blogs and social, US and internationally
  • Automatic searches are changeable at no additional cost
  • Customized monitoring of select TV markets by city, state or nationally
  • Nielson audience numbers, 30 second ad equivalency and publicity values are  attached to each story and totaled at the bottom of your reports
  • Delivery Format: Printable and e-mailable summaries of your coverage arrive via email.  When?  "As-it-airs" or on any schedule you choose.   

TV Monitoring Reports

Know about your public image by knowing what your
customers and constituents are hearing about you.
Ask for a customized broadcast news monitoring alert report.   


Obtain a hard copy verbatim transcript of your broadcast news coverage. 

Radio Monitoring Reports and Clips routinely records thousands of hours of national and local radio. If you need a recording in any market nationwide, especially a small market, please let us know in advance.   Any advance notice you can provide, especially in smaller markets, will help to ensure monitoring success. 
  • Clip Format: CD, DVD, Transcript, digital delivery directly to your desktop.